How to Get Rid of Acne Once and For All!

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Before we can discuss exactly how to get rid of acne, it’s important that we look at the root cause of the disease so that you will understand that much of the information floating around cyberspace about acne is just plain wrong. Acne, in and of itself, is not a disease. Instead, it is the result, or, symptom, if you prefer, of another problem that lies within your body. Learning how to get rid of acne means learning to address this root cause, not the condition itself.

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Let’s begin by meeting the duo of characters that are responsible for acne formation.

• Sebum Oil is a substance that is secreted from your sebaceous glands, located in hair follicles. Sebum is present on everyone’s skin and, in normal amounts, is very beneficial to your skin and hair. Some (so called) “experts” claim that excess sebum is the cause of acne, and this has led some to believe that scrubbing and washing your skin will eliminate the problem. This is not only untrue, but can actually aggravate your skin and make your problem worse. Although it does play a role, sebum alone cannot cause acne, and getting rid of it is not how to get rid of acne.

• The P-acne bacteria (propionibacterium acnes) also has a role to play. As with sebum, this bacteria is present on everyone, and, again, in normal numbers, is very beneficial. It attacks and eliminates other, more harmful bacteria that come around. And, just for the record, P-acnes alone cannot cause acne outbreaks, either.

Acne forms because something inside your body causes it to begin producing too much sebum oil. The excess oil tends to pool in your hair follicles and skin pores. These “pools” provide a perfect breeding ground for the P-acnes, which begin to multiply at will. As they reproduce, the bacteria release an enzyme that, at high levels, will begin to irritate your skin cells. Your body sees this irritation as an infection and begins sending white blood cells to fight it.

In the meantime, your skin continues to act like skin, shedding and replacing dead skin cells. Some of these dead cells will get stuck on the oil pools and, eventually, seal the pore or follicle. This doesn’t stop what’s going on inside the pore, so, sebum, bacteria, and white blood cells continue to build up until, well…you have a beautiful new zit!

So, you can see that getting rid of acne permanently is not just a matter of treating your zits, but also a matter of finding, and eliminating, the internal trigger that made your body begin producing the excess sebum oil that started the whole process.

OKAY! Let’s talk triggers…

Mother Nature loves balance, and She designed your body in a manner that requires it to maintain a certain balance of chemicals and hormones to be healthy. When (not if) the level of these things gets too high, your body reacts by trying to eliminate the excess. One of the tools it uses for this is sebum oil. It will emulsify the chemicals and/or hormones in the oil and secret it out through your skin. This can, and usually does, trigger the whole acne process.

The bright side to all of this is that understanding exactly what’s causing your acne can also lead you to discover how you can get rid of the disease once and for all!

• Hormonal Acne is the result of your body being overloaded with hormones. This normally happens as we are transitioning from childhood into adolescence. A plethora of changes are going on in your body, and hormones are running wild. During these “teen years” your body has a full time job trying to keep hormone levels constant, and, for many of us, acne is the result.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to stop this insane hormone production. You can, however, take comfort in knowing that this, too, will pass. At least, for most of us, but we’ll discuss that in a minute.

Getting rid of acne caused by hormones is a matter of helping your body get rid of the excess, and controlling sebum and P-acnes on your skin. The easiest way to do both is to use a product like Acnezine Natural Acne Cure, which uses a daily capsule containing a proprietary herbal formula designed to help your body to expel excess hormones using your natural waste process, and a topical treatment containing benzoil peroxide, a very powerful tool in the fight against P-acne bacteria.

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• Adult Acne is a catch-all term for acne that is not hormonal in nature. This is the acne that lasts well passed adolescence and into your adult years. It can appear on virtually any place on your body, but most often forms on the face, back, or shoulders.

Adult acne forms in the same way as teen acne, but is usually triggered by toxins rather than hormones. There are currently over 9000 natural and synthetic chemicals being manufactured and used world wide. They are present in the food you eat, the beverages you drink, the clothes you wear, and everywhere else in your environment.

For most people, these toxins are no big deal and those that get inside are expelled through the body’s normal waste process. Some of us, however, are stuck with bodies that have an extremely low tolerance for these toxins. For us, even small amounts of these chemicals building up inside of us can trigger the same reaction as a hormone overload does in teens.

How to get rid of acne in adults…

Treating adult acne is no different from treating teen acne. You need to help your body get rid of the toxins and chemicals that are building up inside you. Using a product like Acnezine (mentioned above) will usually clear up your acne in short order.

But…since we are now dealing with outside triggers, rather than something our body is making internally, you are also able to treat (and completely cure) adult acne with diet and lifestyle changes.

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