A Skin Care Routine to Erase Years From Your Face!

from Myrna Lynn

Developing (and faithfully following) a daily skin care routine will prove to be not only just effective, but the best anti aging skin care you’ll ever find. While finding and using a good skin care product will certainly be a part of your skin care routine, the best anti aging skin care will require a bit more effort. You’ll also need to adopt a daily face massage regimen in order to retain and strengthen the muscle tone in your face and neck, but, we’ll discuss that in more detail later in this article.

First, I would like to dispel what some women think they know about skin care products. The big name-brand companies and their Madison Avenue advertising agencies have spent millions of dollars over the years convincing women that the price of a skin care cream somehow indicates how well that cream works. Of course, they’ve never said that outright, because it’s just not true. The truth is, many more moderately priced skin care and anti-wrinkle products (Revitol Anti Aging Moisturizing Cream for instance) work just as well as the high priced stuff that you get at department store cosmetic counters.

No matter which skin care product you choose, there are some things that it really must contain. Your skin care cream will be the core of your skin care routine and there are certain benefits that it has to provide for you to get the best anti aging skin care:

  1. Collagen is a skin protein that keeps skin cells soft and pliable. Your body’s natural collagen production begins to diminish when you pass the age of thirty, and will continue to diminish for the rest of your life. Absent some type of intervention, collagen loss will eventually allow wrinkles to begin to form. Your skin care cream must provide a way for your skin to get the collagen it needs to remain firm. It’s even better if it also contains something that will stimulate natural collagen production, as well (ie; Matrixyl.)
  2. An effective moisturizer is also essential for your skin in general, and your skin’s elastins, in particular. Elastins are another skin protein that acts to connect the dermal layers of your skin together. These proteins tend to dry out and become brittle as we age, allowing “folds” to form in your skin. The moisturizer should have ingredients that target your elastins and keep them working for you. Good examples are Hyaluronic Acid, evening primrose oil and shea butter.
  3. Anti-oxident vitamins to fight the formation of free radicals that occurs when your skin is exposed to direct sunlight (UV rays). Free radicals will attack skin cells relentlessly and cause extensive damage. Your skin cream can neutralize free radicals with vitamin A, vitamin E, and/or Squalene.
  4. A skin tightening ingredient, such as serum albumen (good, but has some issues) or Pentacare NA (better!) to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

If your current skin care products don’t provide all of these benefits, find another product! Otherwise, your skin care routine could be for naught.

Your Best Anti Aging Skin Care Routine Part 2: A Daily Face Massage

Another mainstay of our best anti aging skin care routine is a daily (or, better yet, twice daily) face massage. It will serve to increase blood flow to your skin and muscle tissue and keep those muscles firm and toned to prevent wrinkle formation.

I have an eight-step massage that I use in my own daily skin care routine, and I feel that it will work for you, as well. For the sake of convenience, I have put this into a PDF file that you can print out or download and save on your computer. Click the link below to access the file online. You will need the Adobe Reader to open the file. If you have the only computer on earth that didn’t come with it already installed, you can follow the link below to get it free…

The 8 Step Face Massage PDF       Download Adobe Reader

Well, there you have my entire skin care routine. I know it sounds simple, and, to be honest, it is!. The only hard hard part was making myself hold to it in the beginning. These days, at age 50+, it’s just a good habit that has become my absolute best anti aging skin care routine.